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Water Sports

Water sports

on the Baltic sea coast of Mecklenburg

The Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg with its perfect waves is the ideal place for any water-loving sportsman. The water is also inviting for relaxing cruises as well as more active sailing trips. Whether you want to catch some waves, kiteboard through the winds, relax and stand on your board whilst paddling towards the romantic evening horizon, the seemingly endless coast of the glistening Baltic Sea and the clear rivers and lakes of the inland invite you to experience it all.

In one of the most beautiful sailing areas, in between the protected bay of Mecklenburg and the internationally renowned sailing regattas near Warnemünde, one can find romantic harbours as well as professionally constructed marinas. They are the destination and starting point for many cruises and sailing trips as well as inviting visitors to stay awhile with their attractive seaside towns, surrounded by the just as beautiful inland areas.

Friends and enthusiasts of all kinds of watersports from near and far agree about the high quality of the local sailing areas. They belong to the best in Europe. White sails in the wind on the one hand, coloured spinnakers on the other, engine yachts in the light swell – and in the evening one meets at the beach.

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Beach Action
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