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Sailing Events

Sailing Events

along the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg

The white sails of the gigantic traditional sailing ships gleam on the horizon of the Baltic Sea, while the promenades are filled with people celebrating the maritime festivals of the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg.

Hundreds of sailing ships set sail for the harbour in Rostock for the biggest maritime event in northern Germany, the yearly 'HanseSail', which takes place on the second weekend in August, as well as the 'Week of Warnemünde' in July. The spectacular programme, which makes any sea enthusiast’s heart beat faster, is enjoyed by millions of people.

The harbour days of Wismar, which take place in June, also attract hundreds of people to visit the traditional and historic harbour. Children will be able to enjoy the fair, while adults can enjoy live music at night and maybe have a dance or two.

The summer 'Sea & Sand' festival in the Baltic Seaside resort of Kühlungsborn is a more relaxed festival. Enjoy some lounge music and a cold cocktail by the beach, while watching the romantic sunset and dancing to the rhythms of the summer.

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Hanse Sail
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Week of Warnemünde
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Sea & Sand
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