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at the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg

Fresh fish, best directly from a cutter, are among the ‘Must-haves’ during a holiday on the Baltic coast – prepared according to a traditional recipe, extraordinarily combined or very simple in a roll.
However one should also try other dishes, e.g. the solid Mecklenburg roast ribs or the various alternatives of the typical Baltic buckthorn when being on holiday in this region.

Numerous restaurants, cozy cafés and trendy bars attract with good cuisine. Some of them combine organic farming with their own restaurants and health treatments. The offers reach from home-made sausage products over bread and cheese to sweets and cakes.
Culinary delicacies are served at renowned hotels such as the Grand Hotel in Heiligendamm or the Upstalsboom Hotelresidenz & SPA in Kühlungsborn. Each year, culinary events such as the 'Kühlungsborner Gourmet days' or the 'Gourmet Awards' in Heiligendamm attract numerous visitors to the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg.

The Michelin starred chef Ronny Siewert, who has been named the best chef within the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, works his magic in the kitchen of the gourmet restaurant 'Friedrich Franz', which is situated within the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm. With his passion for using local produce, you will be guaranteed to enjoy an excellent meal.
As a guest of the gourmet restaurant 'Brunshaupten' in the Upstalsboom Hotelresidenz Kühlungsborn, you will not only experience a fantastic view of the Baltic Sea but will also be spoilt with multifarious dishes oozing with tantalising aromas.

Culinary events such as the 'Herring days' in Wismar in March or the 'Gourmet days' in November in Kühlungsborn make your holiday a true gourmet tour.

Brewery culture
No matter how you spend your holiday at the Baltic Sea coast Mecklenburg, sooner or later everybody longs for a nice, cool, refreshing drink. Nothing could be more natural than trying one of the local beers. Famous beers have been brewed on the Baltic coast for 700 years already. This great brewing tradition is still continued on the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg in Rostock, Wismar and Bad Doberan. The breweries as well as the brewery inns offer their own home-made barley brew. The famous "Brauhaus am Lohberg zu Wismar" produces its own beers, from light to dark, from Pilsener to Bock. Just let the "Braumeister" guide you through the brewery and explain the brewing process. Also the Rostock brewery offers guided tours including a nice beer tasting session.

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