• Heiligendamm - 'The white city by the sea', © Grand Hotel Heiligendamm
    Heiligendamm - 'The white city by the sea'
    © Grand Hotel Heiligendamm
  • Beach access in Börgerende, © VMO, Alexander Rudolph
    Beach access in Börgerende
    © VMO, Alexander Rudolph
  • Romantic beach walk in Graal-Müritz, © TuK Graal-Müritz, Alexander Rudolph
    Romantic beach walk in Graal-Müritz
    © TuK Graal-Müritz, Alexander Rudolph

Baltic Seaside Resorts

White beaches surrounding a historical setting

These are, above all, the long sandy beaches and thick woods which lure tourists here. But also the cliff coasts and stone beaches shape the nature appealingly. The Baltic baths with their distinctive architecture allows the brilliance of the past to live on. Tranquil fishing villages invite you to experience the original and authentic Mecklenburg. Mecklenburg’s Baltic Sea coast offers a wellness package and all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Startbild Promenade Boltenhagen, © Ecki Raff Boltenhagen Beautiful white sandy beach, crystal clear water and pristine nature - perfect for families with children. More information >>
Startbild Zierow, © Touristisches Informations- und Gemeindezentrum Zierow Zierow The resort of Zierow is located in the bay of Wismar, surrounded by wide fields and the Hanseatic city of Wismar. More information >>
Startbild Insel Poel , © Kurverwaltung Ostseebad Insel Poel Insel Poel Just a few minutes by car from the Hanseatic city of Wismar. The island is 37 square km large. More information >>
Startbild Rerik , © Kurverwaltung Ostseebad Rerik, Qbus Rerik Families with children feel welcome in Rerik, situated between the “Salzhaff” (Salt Lagoon) and the Baltic Sea. More information >>
Startbild Luftaufnahme , © TSK GmbH Kühlungsborn Kühlungsborn Explore the unique, lively and sophisticated atmosphere of the Baltic Sea Resort Kühlungsborn. More information >>
Heiligendamm von der See, © Grand Hotel Heiligendamm Heiligendamm The first German seaside resort, founded in 1793 - walk on historic paths. More information >>
Reetgedeckte Häuser in Börgerende, © VMO Alexander Rudolph Börgerende-Rethwisch Locatetd between Heiligendamm and Nienhagen is the dreamy Baltic Sea community Börgerende-Rethwisch. More information >>
Startbild Nienhagen, © VMO, Alexander Rudolph Nienhagen Situated directly on the coast rests Nienhagen with its long sandy beach and the breath-taking steep coastline. More information >>
Seebrücke im Ostseeheilbad Graal-Müritz, © TuK GmbH, Manfred Wigger Graal-Müritz The Baltic Sea Spa resort Graal-Müritz is situated between North Germany's largest forest and a unique moor land. More information >>