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Bad Doberan


Tourist-Information Bad Doberan-Heiligendamm

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Bad Doberan

Where bathing in the Baltic Sea was started

Walk on historic paths in both the health spa Bad Doberan and the Baltic Sea health spa Heiligendamm. Explore historic buildings, e.g. the minster in Bad Doberan, a testimony to north German brick Gothic architecture as well as various other buildings in Gothic and neo-classical style.

Both spas served as summer residences for the Dukes of Mecklenburg. Duke Friedrich Franz I. started the healthy bathing in the Baltic Sea and founded the first German Baltic Sea spa Heiligendamm. Opt for these spas with a long history and tradition, year-round cultural events and various presentations, as well as the narrow gauge, steam driven train „Molli“, which connects Bad Doberan with the Baltic Sea.

Furthermore they offer wonderful bike paths and hiking trails and individuals as well as families will find plenty to do in these attractive vacation spots.

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