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Tourist Tax

Tourist Tax

at the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg

The Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg offers you holiday destinations in ten different Baltic Sea resorts and spa towns, legally binding them to charge a tourist tax, which plays an important role in the preservation and expansion of the many touristic services on offer.

As an example the tourist tax is used to finance cleaning operations as well as preservation work, for the visitor’s safety at the beach, provided by professional lifeguards, and a varied infrastructure. It also helps to guarantee clean beaches and promenades, a variety of free entertainment and sports programmes for young as well as elderly people and concessions for numerous events and establishments.

You will pay a daily contribution in the form of a tourist tax. This will be charged along the sea side resorts of the east coast of Mecklenburg and dependent on resort and season, will cost you between ct75 and €3 per day. You can find out the exact amount by asking the local spa administration, tourist information or your landlord.

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