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Beach use

Beach use

at the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg

The 260 kilometre Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg will give you everything from wide sandy beaches, to natural beaches, earthy cliffs and rocky shores. Everyone can find what they are looking for here. The different beaches are separated into areas for sports activities, textile- or nudist beaches, dog-friendly beaches as well as barrier-free beaches.

Beach Safety
From May to September voluntary lifeguards ensure a fun and safe beach experience.

Wheelchair-accessible beaches
Wheelchair-accessible beaches in all Baltic Sea resorts allow people with handicap to use the beaches without problems.

  • Baltic sea resort Boltenhagen: Beach access 19 - 20
  • Baltic sea resort Insel Poel: Main beach access in Timmendorf, Gollwitz and Schwarzer Busch
  • Baltic sea resort Rerik: Beach access at the pier
  • Baltic sea resort Kühlungsborn: Promenade / beach access 8, 18
  • Börgerende: Main beach access Seestraße / beach access 4
  • Baltic sea resort Nienhagen: Main beach access Strandstraße
  • Sea resort Warnemünde: Beach access 4
  • Markgrafenheide: Beach access 12, 23
  • Baltic sea resort Graal-Müritz: Beach access 22

Many more useful information can also be found at www.off-to-mv.com/en/holidays-for-everybody.

Dog Friendly Beaches
Especially reserved beaches for you and your four-legged friend can be found in many places. Please do use these beaches, especially from May 15th to September 15th. Your dog will be able to roam free and enjoy a paddle in the water. Please do consider other visitors who might feel disturbed by dogs off the leash. Dog waste bags are provided for free so please take advantage of this.

Nudist beaches
FKK - a bathing and beach culture which was widely popular during the DDR is still enjoying popularity. Besides the textile beaches you can also find nudist beaches along the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg where sunbathers and keen swimmers can enjoy the beach without swimming trunks or bikini.

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