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The heart of Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen is the old Manor House, lovingly renovated and surrounded by newer buildings, all ecologcally built. Nestled among wide-open rolling fields and meadows, and reached by an avenue of old trees, the hotel's relaxing charm is evident from the first moment.

Staying close to nature has been our goal since the beginning: we were the first hotel in Mecklenburg-Pomerania to be certified 100% organic! Over the years we have expanded and added new facilities such as an outdoor natural swimming-pool, and the busy Tao Gesundheitszentrum. The entire hotel is built with environmentally-compatible materials and functions in an ecologically sustainable way.
The delicious buffets of vegetarian food which are served 3 times a day, are supplied by food grown mostly atour own farm and orchards, and all certified by Bioland.
Our chefs also offer delicious alternatives for guests with dietary restrictions or allergies.
Our bread and famous cakes are baked in our own 100% organic bakery.

Tao Health Center offers a wide spectrum of massage and natural healing, including TCM, phyisotherapy, nturopathy and natural cosmetics. In the adjacent seminar house, you are welcome to join in any of the classes and activities which make up our guest program.
The seminar rooms are made of wood and are equipped with high quality audio-visual technology. Spacious and light, they are the perfect place to try a dance or yoga class, a qi gung or fitness session as well as various types of meditations. There  are also regular events throughout the day, such as Nordic walking, creativity workshops, and drop-in mini seminars.

In the sauna complex, there are three different types of sauna, a bistro and a large relaxation area which looks out on the open countryside and the natural swimming pool. The pool itself is part of the sauna area and a wonderful place for a cooling dip.
Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen - a place where you can lie back and let your gaze reachout over rolling meadows and vast skies. A place where you can really relax-closeto nature.

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