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A crazy smell of fresh hay

Spending a night in one of the hay hotels gives you a feeling of wild romantic. Holiday in the countryside along the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg offers the chance to rest or being active in a gentle relaxing way. Very attractive are long walks, perhaps a picnic, rides on horses, concerts or presentations or just relaxing hours with a good book underneath an apple tree. What a wonderful opportunity of calming down and charging the batteries again – in a rural guest house, a land hotel or a contemplative farm house.

Halfway between Lübeck and Wismar, you‘ll find the 'Klützer Winkel' in the northern part of the district of Northwest Mecklenburg. The landscape is characterized by old churches, mills, tree-lined avenues and romantic villages. Impressive country manors and castles remind us of history.
'Bothmer' Castle, built in the 18th century, as the largest baroque castle and grounds in Mecklenburg, is renowned internationally, due to the annual Mecklenburg-Pommeranian music festival in summer.
For hundreds of years the city of Klütz has been the centre of the “Klützer Winkel” and is home to the reading house 'Uwe Johnson', dedicated to the famous writer. It also serves as an information centre for guests as well as literary events, e.g. the Klützer “Literatursommer” (summer of literature).

Only 30 minutes by car from the Baltic Sea coast, the region 'Satower Land' offers almost everything needed for a restful and relaxing vacation in a rural idyll: tranquillity, unspoilt nature and soft hills. Take up biking, hiking or visit a riding stable and go horse riding. The “Satower Land” region is an ideal starting point for outings to the health spa Bad Doberan or the Hanseatic cities of Rostock and Wismar.

Today the lake of Schwerin and landscape surrounding it are partly recognised as conservation areas where beavers, otters, kingfishers, cranes and storks find their homes. The numerous resting areas by the lake allow for cultural detours into the city centre of Schwerin, the world heritage city of Wismar or the beautiful lake scenery.

Not far from the cities of Rostock and Güstrow the idyllic region of Mecklenburger ParkLand seems like one big park with many manor houses dotted along. Along the garden route of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, you can explore impressive parks as well as lovely scented rose gardens and lavish farmer’s gardens.

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