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Hanseatic city Rostock


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Hanseatic city Rostock

Hanseatic tradition, beaches and ships

To this day, the Gothic churches, monasteries and town gates of this Hanseatic cities historic centre remind us of its power and wealth in medieval times. Rostock blends Hanseatic tradition with modern architecture and youthful charm, white sandy beaches and enchanting coastal scenery with windjammers and impressive cruise liners and with Mecklenburg’s painting highlights. That is how attractive and multifaceted the city of seven towers is. Situated at the river Warnow and the Baltic Sea, it is the largest city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

A town hall with seven towers, a famous astronomical clock or a museum on an offshore freighter: All this is part of Rostock, as also the seaside resort Warnemünde on the Baltic Sea. North German Brick Gothic decorates its historical centre in harmony with modern elements. Alongside attractions like Neuer Markt with the town hall and St. Marien Church are Kröpeliner Street with its gabled houses of all ages and the city harbour on the banks of the Warnow with old and modern sailing boats. In addition to its beautiful architecture, Rostock also offers plays, grand cultural events and unique museums.

Pure nature at the Baltic Sea and ship watching? These are the advantages of the seaside resort Warnemünde. Wide sandy beaches and rugged cliffs, moles, a lighthouse and neat fishermen‘s houses, a promenade with lavish villas in the typical Baltic seaside resort architecture and cosy bars. Big ferries, fish cutters and small sailing boats are not just there to look at, but you can also go for sea trips on them.

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