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Baltic Seaside Resort Nienhagen


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Baltic Seaside Resort Nienhagen

Haunted Forest and Baltic Sea Coast

Situated directly on the coast, between Heiligendamm and Warnemünde, rests the Baltic Seaside Resort Nienhagen with its long sandy beach, the breath-taking steep coastline and the well-known “Gespensterwald” (haunted forest) with its characteristically wind-swept and warped trees.

Nienhagen has maintained a calmness of the past. Let the enchanting town centre with its diverse mansions and middle class houses along with restaurants and cafés catch your imagination.

Both activity and leisure oriented people are warmly welcomed throughout the year. Enjoy biking, Nordic walking, hiking, roller skating – just to mention a few things possible on the well-kept bike paths and hiking trails. Take time to go sailing, surfing, swimming or diving.

Nienhagen is proud of its designation as a Baltic Sea spa, guaranteeing fresh air and clean water along well-kept and supervised beaches. The mild climate is beneficial to your overall health and has positive therapeutic effects helping breathing, allergies and circulation.

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