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Baltic Sea Resort Island of Poel


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Baltic Sea Resort Island of Poel

A green island in the bay of Wismar

Via the strait called “Breitling”, one can reach the Baltic Sea Resort Island of Poel, just a few minutes by car from the Hanseatic city of Wismar. The island is 37 square km and its landmarks are the lighthouse in Timmendorf and the Romanesque Gothic church.

This island is renowned for its diverse flora and fauna. Guests not only like the long, wide beaches, but they can also enjoy ideal conditions for hiking, bike riding and guided tours with expert ornithologists – all within pure and unspoilt nature.
Enjoy sailing tours from one of the four harbours or go horse riding on the beach. Take a leisurely tour in a horse-drawn carriage or visit an exhibition or an occasional rock concert – all part of a memorable holiday.

© Kurverwaltung Rerik, Andreas Herrmann
© © Kurverwaltung Rerik, Andreas Herrmann
Aerial photograph of Kühlungsborn
© Aerial photograph of Kühlungsborn
Pier of Heiligendamm
© Pier of Heiligendamm
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