• Romantic beach walk in Graal-Müritz, © TuK Graal-Müritz, Alexander Rudolph
    Romantic beach walk in Graal-Müritz
    © TuK Graal-Müritz, Alexander Rudolph
  • Adventures in 'Erlebniswelt Natur', Graal-Müritz, © TMV/ Lars Schneider
    Adventures in 'Erlebniswelt Natur', Graal-Müritz
    © TMV/ Lars Schneider
  • Walk through the moor, © TuK GmbH Graal-Müritz, Alexander Rudolph
    Walk through the moor
    © TuK GmbH Graal-Müritz, Alexander Rudolph
  • One of the most popular photographs - Rhododendronpark, © VMO, Alexander Rudolph
    One of the most popular photographs - Rhododendronpark
    © VMO, Alexander Rudolph

Baltic Sea Spa Resort Graal-Müritz

The Baltic Sea Health Spa with Tradition

Directly adjacent to the Baltic Sea beach, 20 km distance from the Hanseatic city of Rostock, entrance to the “Fischland-Darß-Zingst” region and enveloped by the “Rostocker Heide” (heathland): that is where you find the Baltic Sea Spa Resort Graal-Müritz.

There are five kilometres of beach to cater to your bathing desires during summer and spring. In autumn and winter there are lots of possibilities to walk along the beach. Don‘t miss during May and June, the 4.5 hectare Rhododendron park, unique in size and diversity throughout northern Germany.

Explore the 275 hectares of fully intact moor land. An international biking and hiking path leads through the city centre. Promenade along the beach or visit the 350-metre-long pier.

Numerous events and wellness opportunities draw people into this popular spa throughout the year. The “Aquadrom”, a sports and recreation centre, offers something for guests of all ages.